Bio Friendly Polymer

Designed specially to work with biological products extending the survival and binding of products to seed.


  • Large volume agricultural sector where rhizobia / biological products are used as a seed treatment formulation.
  • Soy, Pulse Crops (lentil, peas, chickpeas), Alfalfa, Clover and Legume

Target Use

  • Seed inoculants and biological products



  • Good binding capacity and product adhesion
  • Keeps biological products on seed and improve survival rates to maximize performance and optimize yields
  • Unique co-polymer formulation extends inoculant survival rates on pulse crop, alfalfa, soybean, clover and legume seed
  • Biological counts remain high in slurry mixtures for over 4 hours when bio friendly polymer and inoculant are mixed
  • Compatible with several seed treatment formulations and actives*
  • Can be mixed into slurry keeping biological products active and at high rates
  • Improves seed flowability
  • Good dust control
  • Enhanced seed flow through handling seed plant and planting equipment for improved plant spacing and maximized yields
  • Keep products on seed, reducing worker exposure
  • 40 CFR Approved
  • Meets EPA approved requirements
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