Chlorophyll Content Measurement

Practical Seed Maturity Test


  • Harvesting decisions in the field
  • Storability selection in the warehouse
  • Manual sorting aid 


  • Seed production facilities
  • Warehouse management



  • Quick and precise seed chlorophyll content measurements
  • True single seed measurements
  • Seed lot maturity distribution in seconds
  • High precision data collection and analysis
  • Correction for seed moisture content and size
  • Reliable information independent of moisture content levels
  • Completely non-destructive
  • Harmless high resolution image analysis
  • No seed waste
  • Seed quality shelf life forecast
  • Improved ability to manage aging inventory
  • Improved cost of goods
  • Truly mobile
  • Equipment designed for easy transportation and use in the field
  • Harvest decisions supported in the field
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Easy & practical user interface
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