The New Generation In Desiccants

A revolutionary seed drying technology


  • Fast drying at any temperature
  • Quick drying of coated or treated seeds
  • Efficiently drying and storage of seeds at low RH


  • Small seed lots, parent lines and research samples
  • Sample drying for pre-DNA extraction



  • Specific pore size for water
  • Low cost and high efficiency
  • Best desiccant available and it greatly expands all potential drying applications
  • Higher performance and much longer lifetime than other desiccants
  • Fast drying seeds with no heat input
  • Storage and Drying at any temperature
  • Maximizes seed viability and shelf life
  • Substantial savings when compared to cold storage
  • Practical Drying Beads full react­ivation
  • Completely renewable, green and sustainable
  • No losses of capacity after reactivations
  • Non-toxic, food grade
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