Seed Respiration Measurements

Speed of germination, uniformity and vigor assessment 


  • In-depth view of any seed lot
  • Speed of germination analysis
  • Seed quality and vigor analysis
  • Seed water stress germination analysis
  • Seed temperature germination analysis
  • Seed storage life analysis
  • Seed treatment analysis


  • Seed germination and vigor tests in general
  • Seed quality control, warehouse management, breeding and research



  • Single-seed respiration data
  • New seed quality assessment data
  • New marketing tool
  • Quick, reliable and automatic data collection
  • Efficient data collection for timely decisions
  • Test replaces and reduces drastically time for labor-intensive germination rate tests
  • Quantifiable vigor data
  • Fact based seed vigor assessment
  • Most sensitive seed vigor indicator
  • Positioning fact based agronomics
  • Selective seed lot acceptance
  • Improved seed lot uniformity
  • Inventory control and management
  • Improved plant population for growers
  • Stronger seed brand value
  • Evaluation of seed treatments and performance under water, salt and temperature stress
  • High resolution seed performance screening on any conditions faced in the field
  • Product performance predictability
  • Seed quality shelf life forecast
  • Improved ability to manage aging inventory
  • Improved cost of goods
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