Rotary Fluid Bed Dryer and Conditioner

Innovative drying technology to dry and cure treated seed post seed treatment


  • Seed treatment
  • Film coating
  • Build-up coating
  • Pelleting


  • Production sites
  • High output capacity



  • Fluidized drying/curing of seed
  • Dry seed out of conditioner
  • Maximizing production operations
  • NO- treatment buildup on handling equipment
  • NO- treatment buildup chunks in grower seed
  • Keep treatment on seed for maximum performance
  • Gentle on seed
  • Polishes seed for excellent seed flow
  • No pinch points for seed damage
  • Enabling increased treatment actives
  • Maintain maximum seed quality
  • Improve flowability
  • Premium seed drop accuracy by grower
  • Increased performance and pest control, enabling higher crop yields
  • Exhaust dust ports vented to dust system
  • Energy efficient, quiet operation
  • Excellent health & safety profile for personnel
  • Operator friendly
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