Rotary seed treatment and coating equipment

6-inch drum


  • Seed treatment
  • Film Coating
  • Build-up coating
  • Pelleting


  • Research samples
  • Trial seed samples
  • Ability to duplicate production scale treatments

Example capacity for seed treatment / coating (capacity for selected crops):

  • Broad acre crops = 50g up to 250g per batch
  • Horticulture crops = 10g min batch – 200g per batch



  • Commercial rotary batch technology
  • Uniform and accurate seed treatment application on every batch
  • Small sample batches for trials and seed treatment recipe development
  • Easy and consistent scale up
  • Full set of optional automated controls
  • Greater efficiency and time-savings for large numbers of samples
  • Standard controls include variable rotor speed, light inside coating chamber for visibility, manual on/off and discharge door control
  • Ease of use and full operator control
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