High performing seed coating polymer

Seedworx Stix Lite is aimed at the horticultural and small grain seeded sector.


  • Horticultural and small grain seeded sector
  • Can be used in junction with blends or other mineral fillers such as talc or lime

Target Use

  • Seed treatments and Coating
  • Unique formulation that can be used on a very wide range of different seed types
  • Recommended for the encrusting and pelleting of seed



  • Easy to handle product
  • Easy cleaning of equipment after use and between many different production runs
  • Good binding capacity for seed treatments and coatings
  • Keep treatments on seed to maximize seed treatment performance and optimize yields
  • Reduced worker exposure
  • Good dust control
  • Exceeds EU requirements of 0.75g/100,000 seeds
  • Stewardship of seed treatment technology
  • Compatible with Seedworx Color range and Finishing Powder
  • Wide range of adaptability for seed species
  • 40 CFR Approved
  • Meets EPA approved requirements
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