Multispectral Vision System

Advanced digital image and computer technology visual statistics analysis


  • Seed health
  • Seed treatment and coating
  • Seed physical phenotype
  • Seed vigor and germination measurement
  • Seed sorting analysis
  • Microbiology


  • Wide range of innovative tools for any seed variety



  • Videometer combines measurements at up to 20 different wavelengths into a single high-resolution spectral image
  • Precise and non-destructive methods to detect and quantify seed lot features
  • Seed lot health and infection levels
  • Seed lot damage assessment
  • Quantifiable data for seed phenotyping for size, color, shape, purity, texture
  • Full and in-depth view of all seed lots
  • Economic determination of threshold level
  • Economic data of seed quality impact
  • Seed treatment and coating application
    • Data assessment for treatment coverage uniformity
  • Optimal seed treatment look consistent across all seeds regardless of conditioner
  • Advanced development of coating recipe, exact balance between cost, appearance, coverage, recovery and distribution
  • Seed vigor and germination application
  • Applications for fast and precise measurements of germination score and speed, embryo size, root area and growth
  • Powerful software for R&D and recipe building tool for routine analysis applications
  • High flexibility for features customization and addition
  • Applications developed on demand
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